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Homemade Smokers and Smokehouses

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Smokers and Smokehouses!!

Smokin Jim's Pits

The style of pits that I have are similar to the OK Joe. I have 2 pits on a trailer. The first one has a verticle cooking chamber (16" dia) and the other is just an offset horizontal pit. Both of the horizontal chambers are 36" long. I built both of these out of 3/8" thick 18" diameter steel pipe.

Big Jim Whitten's Q Pits

Both are gas fired and use a cast iron pot above the burner to hold the wood. It is offset and I cook mostly at 375 degrees except briskets I cook at 475- 500 degrees for 4 hours. The smaller cooker is an old propane tank 32" x 84" with a 30" x 48" grate. The larger one is 12' long x 4' dia and is divided into 2 seperate chambers with 2 cooking surfaces in each. The grates are 42' x 48" each. There is also two stove top burners on the rear.

Double D's Homemade Smoker

This smoker was built out of 18" steel pipe with 3/8" wall thickness and 1/4" plate.

Jack Oudiz' ECB Cart.

I needed some work space to go with my ECB so I designed a mobile cart that can easily be moved out of the way for charcoal loading, etc. The cart simply lift up and over out of the way for easy access to the ECB. The whole cart cost about $35 in lumber and hardware and is built out of pine 1x4 with 2x2 legs. The top is redwood 1x4 slats. The hole is cut out to 17.5 in. to fit over the 17 in. diameter ECB. I cut it with a jig saw once the table was assembled. Use a nail and string to draw the circle. I also modified the ECB by lowering the handles about 1.5 in. to fit under the cart top. I canibalized an old rusty Red Flyer kid's wagon for the wheels. Whole thing took me about 4 hours to build using drill, skill saw and jig saw. After dumping my water pan into the coals one too many times, I simply used longer screws and placed a few washers in back of each of the water pan supports to extend them. Now no way that pan is going anywhere. An easy 10 min fix.

More pictures. There are some I haven't put on the page yet.

Want your's pictured?

Send me your home made smoker and smokehouse pictures. Include a small blurb about it too.

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