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Date of last update: 9/21/97

    This document is a compilation and summary of frequently asked questions and answers posted to the Rick Thead BBQ List. We hope this list of questions and answers will help you improve your barbecue skills. This FAQ was edited by Bill Wight. Please direct comments, corrections or suggested additions to: wight@odc.net.

    (C) Copyright 1997 William W. Wight. All rights reserved. The contributions of the individual posters contained within this document remain their property. You may copy and distribute this document as long as the contributor's names and this copyright notice remain intact.

    I have given credit for each answer provided in this document where the author was known. Special thanks for extra effort goes to Ed Pawlowski, Harry Jiles, Danny Gaulden, Jeff Lipsitt aka the Boston Butt, Billy Maynard aka Belly, Rodney Leist, Kit Anderson, David Westebbe aka EskWIRED, David Klose, Rick Otto and Garry Howard.

    Special thanks also go to the BBQ List FAQ Team which gave me guidance, criticism and a lot of support in putting together this document: Ed Pawlowski, Lloyd Carver, Tom Kelly, Garry Howard, Rock McNelly, Rodney Leist, Dan Gill, and The Bear.

    The Mini-FAQ is mainly the work of Ed Pawlowski.

    My thanks also to the FAQ proof readers, Jon McCoy and my wife, Mary Wight.

    This FAQ is dedicated to the memory of Phil Wight, one of the original BBQ List members and a regular poster to the rec.food.cooking newsgroup. Phil was always ready to share his knowledge, his ideas, recipes or the time of day. Phil passed away on June 7, 1997. We'll miss him.

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