Section 3

  1. Administrative

    1. How to get on the list
      To subscribe to the Thead BBQ List, set your Web browser to this URL:


      Follow the directions to subscribe to the BBQ List. You have a choice--regular or digest format.

      Or you can send an email to: bbq-request@listserv.azstarnet.com

      and in the body of the message put: SUBSCRIBE BBQ

    2. How to get off the list
      To unsubscribe to the Thead BBQ List, set your Web browser to this URL:


      Follow the directions to unsubscribe from the BBQ List.

      Or you can send an email to: bbq-request@listserv.azstarnet.com

      and in the body of the message put: UNSUBSCRIBE BBQ

      To change from the regular to digest format or the other way around, you must first unsubscribe to the format you are currently receiving and then subscribe to the format you wish to receive.

    3. Posting guidelines

      As with any newsgroup or mailing list, there are certain courtesies to which all subscribers should adhere.

      1. We are all friends here. There should be no posts that are insulting or degrading to any members of the list.
      2. Flame wars. When someone does post an insulting or degrading message, it's best just to ignore it. What often happens is that the post is responded to and a flame war on the list ensues. This is a total waste of bandwidth and does nothing but make people mad and hurt feelings. Flame wars have no place on the BBQ List.
      3. There are women and kids on this list, so all posts should be respectful of that audience.
      4. Avoid sending posts to the list that are devoid of any real information content to the list members, such as 'one-liners' and 'me-too' posts. These just waste bandwidth.
      5. Use private email to a list member for messages that are not of concern or interest to all list members.
      6. When you reply to a post by another list member, cut the original post to the minimum number of lines necessary to make a meaningful reference. Please save the bandwidth--the Internet is getting to be a very crowded place.
      7. When posting to the BBQ List, never include attachments, such as documents, drawings, sound files, video clips or pictures. Many email programs cannot process attachments and sending them can cause all kinds of problems, as well as wasting a lot of bandwidth. If you have an attachment you wish to share with the List, please put it on a Web page and post its URL.
      8. When posting a message to the List and you have a barbecue-related question, make sure that the subject line of the message reflects your question. For example, 'Subject: How do I smoke fish?' will get you answers.
      9. Advertising on this list is discouraged. If you do it, expect to get flamed big time. If you can condense your ad to a couple of lines, put it in your signature. Then no one will complain too loudly. If someone asks questions about your product or service, just answer them by private email.
      10. Remember, we're here to have some fun and to share information on barbecuing.

    4. Front porch rules apply
      Rodney Leist--

      The BBQ List is a loose-structured, tight-knit group of folks from all over the world who have adopted a casual "front porch get-together" climate for discussions. If you've never participated in a front porch meeting before, here's the way it usually works. Generally, at the start, serious topics are discussed in depth and at length with many varying opinions, pro and con, thrown out for whatever they are worth. For us the topics involve what and how to barbecue (and all that goes with it).

      As time wears on, jokes and bull sessions are injected and other topics gradually creep into the discussions, displacing the primary topics. Some folks who are not interested in the off topic exchanges, may decide to take care of some other business for a while. Hopefully most of them gradually return. Occasional lulls in the conversation occur. Some folks get busy or stop to ponder, or maybe even sulk, then all of a sudden, the discussion fires back up to a "Del key" numbing pace before once again returning to issues focusing around the primary topic. The cycle continues into the wee hours of the night, again and again and again. Along the way, somehow we manage to talk a lot about barbecue.

      With any front porch gathering, there's always assorted types of folks from "very verbal" to "quiet and reserved", and so it is with the BBQ List. Some posters you like, some you respect, some you tolerate, some you wish would go away and some you hardly even know are there. The single most important thing gluing the front porch session together is that everybody stepping up on the porch is there because they have something in common and want to be there. Listening, learning, participating and tolerating (who and what you don't like). These are the things that make the front porch meeting work. Come on up and grab a chair.

    5. Digest vs. individual messages
      The list is set up so subscribers have a choice of how they receive the BBQ List. If someone wants to participate regularly in the discussions, they can subscribe to the regular BBQ List and get individual email messages. If they would rather mainly lurk, and only follow-up occasionally, then the digest will keep their inbox clutter to a minimum. The BBQ List can be a busy place at times, with upwards of a 100 messages or more a day (or 4-5 digests a day). So if you subscribe to the regular list, be prepared for a whole lot of email. As some folks say: 'Happiness is a full email inbox.' You may change from regular to digest forms of the list easily, (or digest to regular)--see Section 3.2 for directions.

    6. Where can I find the archived digests?
      Set your Web browser or FTP program to this URL:


      The digest archives are temporally unavailable. Something to do with the size of the Universe, we think. We suspect the archives are getting so big, they are starting to cramp the very fabric of space and time.

    7. Where can I find the recipe archives?
      Set your Web browser to this URL:


      The recipes posted to the BBQ List by Carey Starzinger are not included in the BBQ List recipe archive. The individual recipes are available from Carey's Web site:


      For downloading all Carey's recipes in one shot, go here:


    8. Are there other barbecue lists?
      Yes. There is another list called the 'Barbecue List' started and monitored by Dave Lineback. It is dedicated to traditional barbecuing and grilling over wood fires. To subscribe, send an email message to:


      in the body of the message put: subscribe barbecue

      There is no digest format available for the Barbecue List.

    9. Is there a newsgroup about barbecue?
      Yes. It is called: alt.food.barbecue

      It is an open, unmoderated forum for all questions and comments related to barbecue and grilling.

      There is also an alt.food.barbeque (spelling difference) newsgroup on some news servers that doesn't seem to have any traffic.

    10. Confessions of a newbie to barbecue
      Rick Otto--

      When I first got into finding barbecue information on the Internet, before I began 'lurking' on the BBQ List, I was jumping all over the place, trying one recipe after another, with some successes but a lot more failures. Once I settled down, (and started reading the posts and then asking questions on the BBQ List) and started trying to perfect a dish, things all fell into place. I began with a pork shoulder because I was told it's the most forgiving. Once I had that down, I gained confidence to progress to other dishes. Someone recently stated that the worst BBQ you can do is better than any 'Run-of-the-mill' BBQ in a restaurant. TRUE. I've enjoyed some of my failures. I just wish I could pass some samples to all the experts on this group for a first-hand appraisal.

      [Here's an important question for the list. My wife gets sick of BBQ if we have it 5 nights running. . . Hmmmm. What should I do?]

      Take her to McDonalds or Burger King on the fourth night and she will be ready for BBQ again.

    11. How can I get updates and different formats of this FAQ?
      1. You can read the FAQ on Dan Gill's Barbecue Survival Guide Web page at: http://members.tripod.com/~DanGill/Survive.HTML

      2. Receive the latest version via an email autoresponder.
        Send an email message to: bbq-faq-zip@eaglequest.com
        (leave the subject and message body blank)

        or check out this Web site:

      3. You can also download a copy of the latest version of the FAQ in plain ASCII text, MS Word 6.0 or Adobe Acrobat PDF format via anonymous FTP at this Web site:

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