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Barbecue portion size

  1. Barbecue portion size

    • [How much should I cook of the following items to feed 25 men for supper? Brisket, Baked Beans Coleslaw]

      David S. Gerard-- (Editor--David is a professional chef)
      Industry standards are for 4-5 ounces cooked weight for meat and 6 ounces for sides. Assume a 25-35% shrinkage for the brisket. The fact that it is all men means you probably won't be serving gala appetizer trays. I would suggest two 8-10 pound briskets. This allows a good safety measure and maybe a little doggie bag. Extra beans can be prepared as they freeze extremely well (if made from dry beans, not doctoring up the canned variety.) Dried beans swell to three-fold weight so I'd start with 5 pounds dry beans. Shred 9-10 pounds raw cabbage for your slaw. These figures are generous, but you don't want 25 hungry men looking at you across the table. Some nice buttermilk country biscuits or sweet cornbread (with whole corn in it) would be nice.

      Editor--now, if you're planning on entertaining 25 guys from the BBQ List for dinner, triple all amounts.

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