The BBQ List Recipe Archive

This recipe archive contains the recipes posted to the Internet BBQ Mailing List. The recipe archive begins with recipes posted in February, 1996 and goes through October, 1998.

New recipes posted to the BBQ List will be added to this archive twice a year.

If you posted a recipe to the BBQ List and you cannot find it in this archive, repost it to the BBQ List and it will be included with the new recipes.

A note on 'oven barbecue'. Several recipes in the earlier archive files were titled "barbecue something" when in fact they were for cooking the dish in the kitchen oven/broiler or in a pot with the addition of barbecue sauce and liquid smoke flavoring. We on the BBQ List call this type of cooking 'Pseudo-Q'. The charter of the BBQ List is for discussion of all topics related to outdoor cooking and recipes for barbecue cooking in the kitchen are considered 'off-topic'. Those few recipes for Pseudo-Q have been removed from this BBQ List Recipe Archive.

All the recipes are in MasterCook II export format. This format is straight ASCII text. MasterCook is a recipe management program by Sierra-On-Line. Using this recipe archive with MasterCook will allow you to group the recipes by category, search recipes by key words and phrases, print recipes and scale recipes.

The current version of MasterCook is version 4.x and the street price at discount stores is currently around $10. You can also get a free evaluation copy of MasterCook here:

If you do not wish to purchase a copy of MasterCook, you can view and print the recipes with any word processing program. If you use a word processor, be sure and set the font to a fixed-pitch font (like Courier) and make it 10 points, so all the recipes will print out with the correct column spacing.

There is a freeware program written by Ryan Walberg called MasterCook *.MXP Viewer that will allow you to view and print the contents of an *.mxp file (MasterCook export format) alphabetically or by category. You can download the program here:

If you use "MealMaster" or "Now You're Cooking" programs to manage your recipes, you can run this recipe file through a program called MM_BUSTR. This is a freeware program by Glen Hosey that will take a MasterCook mxp format file and convert it into a MealMaster-formatted text file that will import to "MealMaster" or "Now You're Cooking". You can download the MM_BUSTR program here:

Many of the recipes in this archive were converted from text format to MasterCook format by Glen Hosey's freeware MC_Buster program (available at the address above).

This BBQ List Recipe Archive is the property of members of the BBQ List Mailing List and all rights are reserved.


Recipes posted to the BBQ List from the start of the List in early 1996 until late 1997 were edited, formatted into MasterCook and maintained by Tom Solomon.

Recipes posted to the BBQ List since early 1998 were edited, formatted into MasterCook and maintained by Kurt Lucas.

Recipes from the period missing between the end of Tom Solomon's files and the beginning of Kurt Lucas' files were edited, formatted into MasterCook and maintained by Glen Hosey.

This 'Complete BBQ List recipe Archive' was assembled, edited and categorized by Bill Wight.

The archive is in two parts

BBQ Recipe Archive Part 1
BBQ Recipe Archive Part 2

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